In the Winter of 2014  I started making hand knit beanies  for Blue in Green Soho

after naming them by the neighborhoods of downtown New York City.

Snow days in the city, hot chocolate from Ceci Cela, La Colombe coffee, and the coffee that the owner made me.

All remains big part of my knitwear making. 

Growing up in Tokyo, I was surrounded and inspired by the contemporary architecture and a family in high fashion and manufacturing.  

However, the grandmother’s knitted accessories, made with leftover itchy dry wool, influenced me the most. 


In January, 2017, after working and traveling with a knitwear line, evam eva for years, 

I relaunched my knitwear line reconsidering the core principle of my line and a relationship between my products, retailers and customers.

I have always wanted to create quality unisex knitwear that are simply accessible to our generation, any generation,

so that all of us could experience the warmth of quality cashmere and the softness of baby alpaca and merino wool.

I started delivering my knitwear directly to my customers. 


In my design studio in New York City and Santa Monica where I reside,

I continue my tradition to create minimal design knitwear in cashmere and baby alpaca wool that originate in Inner Mongolia and Peru. 

I aspire to create the quality minimal knitwear that is produced in an environmentally conscious manner. 

We are in search of quality living.

Please join us on the journey. 

Tomomi Egawa