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Today, March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day. We celebrate our achievements, hard work, endless dedication, perseverance and everything that makes us special.


I reached out to the some of the most beautiful, strong and intelligent women I have the pleasure of knowing and I asked them “ What does being a woman mean to you?” The answers they all shared with me were so inspiring, unique and interesting, to say the least. Here are the responses I got:


Being a woman means being your own self, it means having the capacity and drive to be the best person you can be and not giving up regardless the obstacles or difficulties you encounter on the road to success.

            -Laura, 52


Being a woman means that I get to live everyday in hopes of breaking down stigmas and stereotypes. As a woman in today’s society we are subjected to living by society’s rules, but women all over the world are utilizing their bravery, empowerment and resiliency and proving that they are worthy and capable of doing anything they set their mind to!

            -Lubna, 22


Being a woman is the most amazing thing in life. It means giving life, giving love, caring for others unconditionally, offering protection, it also means endless fighting for what we want. Being a woman is a blessing.

            -Alma, 50


Being a woman is a beautiful thing. It means being strong and confident. It also means loving and taking care of yourself. One thing I have learned over the years is that being a woman isn’t taught, it is learned through our experiences.

            -Genesiss, 23


Being a woman means being strong, it means being able to accomplish all of our goals and even when there’s is the tiniest doubt about being able to do something, we never give up and we just do it.

            -Norma, 49


Being a woman means being independent and strong. Why? Because we are constantly battling acceptance in our society. For me, it is difficult enough wanting to work into a male-dominant workforce and standing up for the women who don’t believe they can do it. We are independent and strong and can do anything we put our mind and heart into.

            -Cassandra, 21


Being a woman means being both strong and nurturing simultaneously.

            -Skyler, 32


Being a woman means having the ability of mastering several things. We have the privilege of bringing life to this world. We are simply the balance and harmony in a family.

            -Rosa Maria, 42


Being a woman means love. It means giving all the love you have to offer without expecting anything in return. And for me, it also means being a great mom.

            -Monica, 76


Being a woman is synonymous of admiration. We put all of our dedication into what we want, we have no limits because we are strong, intelligent and we are able to do many things. It is also synonymous of nobility, because only women can care, love and forgive no matter what.

            -Abril, 39


Being a woman means being honest, gracious, truthful, loving, smart, and forgiving. That is what builds a woman into being a better person for themselves and others.

            -Samantha, 21


Being a woman means that I not only have the mindset of all the independent and strong women before me, but I can also create future strong and independent after me. Being a woman means to have an endless amount of wisdom available to you for sharing and personal growth

            -Chelsea, 22


Being a woman means being a warrior and accepting any challenge that comes our way.

            -Katie, 66


These women are all different ages, different ethnic backgrounds and cultures and they also live in different parts of the world. Although all of their responses were unique and different, they had the same idea and were connected to each other in one way or another. Whatever your response to my question is, remember that we are all beautiful, strong, powerful, kind and we are more than capable of doing everything and anything we set our minds to. So, what does being a woman mean to you?


Happy International Women’s Day!


03 08





When it gets closer to March 3rd, the first thing that comes to my mind is spring.

I think of Sakura winds in Tokyo.

Those breathtaking blushed pink winds we get to witness every year.

And I started wondering if any of our readers have a connection to this day, like I do.


We all have a favorite number, for me, the number 3 has always been my favorite.

Today, March 3, Japan celebrates a very special day; Hinamatsuri, also known as girl’s day.

I grew up celebrating it but never questioned its real meaning. .

I was more interested in just being a child rather than being a girl.


As many mothers do, my mother was very joyful to celebrate the fact that I am a girl.

Every year, she would pull out those famous dolls dressed in beautiful Kimonos,

Each of the dolls had a different instrument, such as a koto, to play the music together.

I vividly remember peace and happiness in everyone's faces during this day.


One day, I remember my mother being nostalgic about her little girl growing up.

She knew I was not a child anymore and we had to let the dolls go.

The celebration was meant to be for health and happiness of the young girls.

Although I am not a kid anymore, all the happiness and joyfulness of this day will forever stay with me.

Sometimes, as kids we don’t fully understand the meaning of everything.

It is until we grow up and we finally start to understand different things.


I never really had a strong attachment to this event.

However, March 3rd takes me to my childhood memories that I still carry in my heart.

It is a place where I never lose access to.

And this place always brings me back to my present self, who believes in everything I can do


I often wonder if we all have a bridge in us that takes us back to our childhood memories.

And I do hope that these memories remain as subtle elements of who we are today.


Why do we do what we do?

And every single day?

Why do we want to get to where do we want to get?

All of us or are going through all these endless tunnels.


On March 3, I see blushed pink winds in my eyes.


03 03

Tomomi Egawa




As Valentine’s Day approached us this year, the Tomomi Egawa NY team decided to share a little bit of love with our customers and followers; but not just any type of love, we wanted to focus on the greatest love of all. Self-Love.


The dictionary defines self-love as, “regard of one’s own well-being and happiness.” Sure, that is one way to define it, but we were looking for a deeper, more meaningful definition. So we decided to ask our followers on Instagram to share with us what self-love means to them as well as their favorite thing about them. The responses we got were fascinating.


Encouraging people to share with us such a personal topic and watching them express how much they love themselves was quite inspiring.


We decided to make a list of simple actions all of us can do every day that will help us love ourselves a little bit more each and everyday:


-Say I love you

Every morning when you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you.” Those three words have a lot of meaning, and we often tell them to others, but fail at saying them to the most important person. Ourselves.


-Give yourself a compliment

We are always complimenting and saying nice things to other people, but we rarely compliment ourselves. Every day give yourself a little compliment and a smile to go along with it.


-Do something you love everyday

Whether it’s taking a long walk on the park and listening to the sound of the birds, or painting your nails while sipping on some wine and listening to your favorite songs or baking a delicious treat, do it. Doing an activity that we enjoy is the best hobby you can have.


-Love your body unconditionally

Loving what you see in the mirror is an enormous step to practicing self-love. Appreciating, respecting and admiring your own body is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.


These are just a few effortless actions one can take in order to practice self-love.

Remember to love yourself.


02 14