Tomomi always loved the idea of using yarns from its origins. Peru is home to 90% of the Alpaca population worldwide. Cashmere goats reside in various countries in Asia providing high quality cashmere wool.


Outside the studios, Tomomi now works with factory mills in Peru and Inner Mongolia. Alpacas tolerate harsh climatic conditions and live at 10.000 feet above sea level. Cashmere goats live in the harsh weather conditions of the Inner Mongolian steppe as well. They think of themselves as a part of their land and they coexist with nature. Their life philosophy blew Tomomi's mind. Both alpacas and cashmere goats live on lands, and they are even happier after being shorn once a year by herders. 


For her classic beanies, her team continues to work with Baby Alpaca & Merino mix wool from Peru by hand and hand loom. To maintain the tradition in the city, they are produced in New York City. Each hand knit beanie is made upon long hours of hand knitting. Her cashmere products are made with extra care in Inner Mongolia, where the high quality cashmere goats reside. 


The wool is a natural fiber. The natural fiber symbolizes an abundance of animals, herders, and their lands. Its nature transcends the perspectives of knitting and takes us far.